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Insurance is the best way to indemnify the loss you incur due to unforeseen events. Uncertain events can occur in any form, at any time, causing potential damage to you or the things that matter to you the most. Insurance acts as a safeguard and provides financial security to you. We at MDH understand the need and importance of a secure future and hence offer the best and flexible insurance services to you. Our insurance plans broadly cover all Corporate Insurance products.

We at MDH are a combined group of Insurance Professionals with vast experience from the Industry coupled with deep rooted industry knowledge to cater to all insurance needs from small, to medium and major complex risks. We specialize in providing best corporate insurance solutions online.


  • Marine Insurance
  • Financial Insurance
  • Property Insurance
  • Liability Insurance

Marine Insurance

Marine Insurance policy is one of the oldest forms of insurance. Marine Insurance Policy not only provides covers for merchandise in transit by waterways, but also by ocean, air, rail, and road or by post. During the entire process of transit, the goods are exposed to a large number of perils, the goods are often lost or damaged due to the operation of these hazards and there is a financial loss to the exporter/ importer. Hence in the marine insurance policy, export/import shipments are covered against the risk of fire or explosion, stranding of vessel, theft, pilferage, loss of package throughout loading and unloading processes etc.

Financial Insurance

The corporate environment today is characterized by increased sensitivity to Corporate Governance issues, stringent client contracts, demanding stakeholders and an increased need for protection against fraud. This has necessitated companies to protect themselves against a wide range of exposures arising out of the dynamic nature of business. Financial lines insurance products cover financial losses and costs thereof. Loss which is neither personal, nor property damage or derived from any such damages is what is called as financial loss to a business. Financial lines insurance is designed to specifically address the liabilities of managers and professionals in today's increasingly litigious and demanding corporate environment.

Property Insurance

Property insurance provides protection cover and financial reimbursement to the owner or renter of a structure and its contents in the event of damage or theft. Property insurance policy includes specialized forms of insurance like fire insurance, burglary insurance, and flood insurance, earthquake insurance and so on.

Liability Insurance

In technical terms, Liability insurance is a part of the general insurance system of risk financing to protect the insurer (policy purchaser) from the risk of liabilities imposed by several lawsuits and other similar claims. Also known as third party insurance, a liability insurance policy protects the insurer in the event of claims for which the insurer is sued that comes within the policy coverage.

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MDH offers the best and most flexible Corporate Insurance Plans. We are a licensed insurance broker MDH Insurance Broking company – (License No: IRDA/DB652/16) offering best solutions in insurance services. Our team of expert insurance managers provides suggestions for the most cost effective insurance coverage that suits your risk profile. We offer the most compatible insurance plans that are framed to benefit the customer in the best possible way.

Our Insurance team is well versed in calculating the type of risks and the probability of occurrence based on the specific needs of a particular customer and their risk profile. Hence we bring to you the best possible solution that is required for you in order to have a financially secure future.