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Directors and Officers Liability Insurance

Directors and officers Liability Insurance covers the Loss that an Insured Person is legally required to pay as a result of a Claim claiming a Wrongful Act will be paid to or on behalf of any Insured Person by the Insurer, unless the Insured Person has been indemnified by the Company for such Loss.

Insurer will also pay for Defence Costs in respect of a Claim covered. Insurer will pay for these Defence Costs as and when they are incurred prior to the final resolution of the Claim, provided the claim pertains to and has arisen during the policy period.

However, an Insured shall repay to Insurer all payments of Defence Costs incurred on that Insured's behalf if and to the extent it is established that such Defence Costs are not Insured under this Policy.

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Key Benefits of Directors and Officers Liability Insurance

  • Protects Directors and Officers of a company from legal suits where the directors or board members held to pay for the claims.

  • Protection to company under Employee Practice Liability Act (EPL).

  • D&O Liability Insurance also covers legal defence costs borne by the company and other expenses incidental to a loss.

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