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Fire & Burglary Insurance

Fire accidents are unforeseen, quick, and destructive, and burglary activities can cause huge losses to the owners of a property. Thus, it's essential to purchase fire insurance that covers not only the damages caused by fire but also the damages caused by an explosion, lighting, riots, etc. We can also take fire and burglary insurance for loss of stock, electrical fittings, and machinery in the buildings.

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Benefits of Fire Insurance

  • Sense of security:

    The smoke and flames caused by fire eruption can damage the entire building stock, electrical equipment, machinery, etc. Fire and Burglary insurance covers risks caused by such unexpected incidents and provides a sense of security.

  • A Companion to travel through Uncertainty:

    When a fire accident occurs, the insurance company acts as your companion to travel through the tough time and assists you financially to cover the losses.

  • Protection of the goods in the building:

    As fire insurance not only covers the losses caused to the building but also to the stock or goods that caught in fire, the insurer will indemnify the policyholder.

  • Medical Cover:

    A fire accident can result in medical emergencies as well. Thus, some insurers offer medical expenses cover as well to protect your property against such unfortunate events.

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