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Group Health Insurance

Group Health Insurance Plans cover a dedicated group of people with a single contract. A group insurance plan aims to save its members from unexpected financial stress caused by hospitalization. These plans can be taken by formal (Eg: Employer – Employee) and informal groups (Eg: Holders of Credit cards or members of a social, cultural, or welfare group). The member is covered as long as they are part of the group. At MDH, we use a process-oriented approach to give you the best product that provides superior cover for your group at a considerable cost.

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Key highlights of a Group Insurance

  • As the risk is spread across members of the group, the insurance provider's liability is reduced; thus, premiums are lower than an individual policy.

  • Group Insurance is a convenient way to standardize the insurance benefits for the group of people with different income brackets.

  • A company can enhance the loyalty of its employees, i.e., group members, by providing insurance benefits not only to the employee but also to their family members, including their children.

  • A conversion Fee can easily convert a Group Insurance to an individual policy; thus, the benefits will be continued even if a member leaves the group.

  • Pre-requisite conditions for policy issuance are comparatively lower in group policies.

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