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Group Accidental Insurance

A group's protection from medical costs or death caused by a workplace accident is the primary goal of group personal accident insurance. Employees, particularly at manufacturing plants, are exposed to various risks that could result in fatalities or expensive hospital stays. As a result, protecting employees should be a top concern for businesses, creating a win-win situation for both parties.

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Key Benefits of a Group Accident Insurance

  • Increased loyalty of employees:

    Protecting the employees in all possible ways is the employer's primary responsibility; thus, when an employer offers protection through insurance policies like accidental group insurance, employees tend to work more confidently with increased loyalty.

  • Death & hospitalization cover:

    Many accidents result in a fatality or huge hospitalization expenses; in such scenarios, a group accidental insurance compensates the nominee.

  • Assistance during hardship:

    When accidents occur in the workplace, along with the office staff, there is additional assistance through the insurer.

  • Reduced Cost:

    As group insurance spreads across several people, an organization can receive attractive discounts from insurance companies.

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