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Professional Indemnity Insurance

Professional indemnity insurance serves as a safety net, guarding you and your company against the monetary demands made by dissatisfied clients/customers. If you are the subject of a negligence claim, our coverage will pay all the costs associated with defending your status.

Professional indemnity insurance will still shield you from costly legal fees even if you are not at fault and the clients still hold you accountable for their negligence. By covering claims brought against you, professional indemnity insurance will shield you from such serious actions.

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Key Benefits of Professional Indemnity Insurance

  • Financial defence against a legal fee, compensation, and defence costs arising out of claims from dissatisfied customers.

  • PI insurance increases the confidence of businesses by providing support when needed.

  • Protects the reputation of the professional as the policy covers compensation when faced with situations of claims.

  • The benefits offered by the policy can make you focus more on the business without worrying much about the consequences; when things go wrong with business's advice or suggestions.

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